Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "bookkeeper" and why should I consider hiring one?

A bookkeeper is a highly trained, highly experienced professional who knows how to properly record your day-to-day business transactions. Proper categorization is important to ensure deductibility of expenses, taxation of income and essential for making sound business decisions. Hiring a professional bookkeeper helps to ensure your business financial statements are recorded timely and accurately.

How can you assist me as a business owner?

Our staff averages over 20 years of experience! We have helped business owners though a multitude of situations since we opened in 1980. There are very few situations we have not seen in the last 40 years. We understand no small business is the same and strive to provide tailored solutions to each business. With our vast span of contacts we can also assist you in finding the right professional referrals (bankers, attorneys, etc.).

Do you provide quotes on your monthly services?

Our fee structure is unique from many other accounting and bookkeeping firms. Though discussions with the business owner or key management we determine a monthly, recurring fee that will remain the same month-over-month. This allows the business to budget for our service and also helps facilitate open discussion and dialog without the fear of "what will this question cost me?".

Will you prepare forms for both federal and state filing requirements?

Our experience is vast and our software package is robust. We have immense capabilities to meet your tax, accounting and financial compliance needs.

I have several different small investment accounts, all in different places. Where can you be of assistance?

We custody our assets at Fidelity Investments which is one of the largest such firms in the world. Many times we can bring all of these small accounts into the same Fidelity account without the need to sell or liquidate the individual investments. Having all your investments on a single statement helps provide clarity and structure to your overall portfolio.

I have just inherited a large sum of money. What is the next step?

Through death, divorce or gift sometimes people find themselves in an unfamiliar situation with more money and more decisions than they had previously thought about. These decisions can be daunting, especially when not previously thought about. The first step is to schedule a meeting to discuss their options. Often a conversation about their current situation, their goals and their future will make the decision making much easier than first anticipated.

How do I really know if I have enough to retire, and is that something you can help me figure out?

"Will I have enough?" is a question that crosses everyone's mind. We invest in software that can help us determine what your current and future needs will be. Each family's situation and circumstances are different. Conversations with the client and their closest advisors can give us the information we need to help you answer those questions that keep you up at night.

What is the best way to get into contact with you?

We strive to always be reachable. Call, email or just stop in to let us know how we can help.